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Festival Travel is a travel wholesaler specializing in international travel, with high service standards. Our business philosophy is simply to provide both personalized and professional services for the traveler who wants more than "Classic" tour packages or itineraries that lack imagination or excitement. We specialize in designing travel itineraries that match unique destinations and activities with the personal interests and desires of the traveler.

In the tailor made section you can easily "Design your tour" by mixing and matching cities and sightseeings to guarantee the ultimate satisfaction during your trip.

A high qualified team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience will follow your requests and listen attentively to all your demands and suggestions.
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Festival Travel Egypt is a specialized tours company for people who seeks special tours, vacations, excursions, and holidays. Egypt is situated in the heart of the Middle East. It contains many attractions and sightseeing that you will like to take a look upon. And our company is pleased to make tours for you not only in Egypt, but also in the Middle East like in Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Emirates, Turkey, and France.

We prepare your travel to Egypt from A to Z. We take you from the airport to the hotel you choose from our various hotels, where you like to have your accommodation in, and don’t worry about reservations and booking and let our specialized tour operators make every thing for you. And from the hotel we transfer you to all over Egypt, all of that with a good budget and perfect salaries that you will not find in any other travel agents. You also can choose the options you like, as we have options served for the big groups tours, private tours, and quick trips. We have various tours packages you can choose from them what you like; you can choose from Cultural tours, Egyptology tours, Medical tours, Incentive tours, and Classical tours, and many other kinds. You also can ask for the Honeymoon vacations in Egypt prepared by our specialized tour operators. They can also prepare a good day for you that you can visit all that in one day or two according to your stay in Egypt.

As for our tours in Egypt, we have many places you will like to visit like:
1) Cairo, the capital of Egypt, where you can visit the pyramids and the sphinx, the museum of Cairo, the citadel, the ancient churches, the old mosques, and many other things.
2) Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean Sea, and the great city built by Alexander the Great. In Alexandria you can spend the time on the beach and diving also, and visit the great museums, gardens, and palaces.
3) The Western Desert, where you can make Safari trips, and also you can visit the oasis there like the Siwa Oasis. You can take a look upon El Alamien Cemetery where the German, Italian, and English dead soldiers of the Second World War were buried.
4) Upper Egypt excursions, as you can spend some days in Luxor, which was the capital of Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom. You also can visit Aswan, visit the numerous temples there and don’t forget Abu Simbel Temples. You also can have a very interesting view of all the area by getting on a Hot Air Balloon.
5) The Red Sea Tours, as you can visit many beautiful cities situated on the Red Sea like Hurghada and Sharm el Shiekh, and enjoy unforgettable holiday on their beaches and shores. You can also spend some days in Sinai; have an adventure tour by climbing the mountains there.
6) The Nile Cruises, which take you in a long journey all over the Nile, from north to south of Egypt.

On our website, you will find all the information you seeks for, you will also know some travel tips and recommends that you have to know before you come to Egypt. You will also find some information about Egypt cities, and you will find the maps of them. All our guides are expert Egyptologists who will answer all your questions.
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