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Treatments and Therapy
7 Days / 6 Nights Price From: 420 U$D
Egypt has been gifted with hundreds of mineral water springs, differed in depth, width and temperature (between 30 degree Celsius to 37 degree Celsius).
Scientific research proved that the water of these wells and springs include a considerable amount of dissolved minerals which have a great effect in the treatment of some incurable diseases. The minerals such as Sodium, Calcium, and some elements such as Iron and Magnesium.
Scientific and laboratory analysis proved that the percentage of salt in the water is suitable in the treatment of some diseases. There are also drinkable water wells that helped the Government to establish an industry depends on the water for bottling mineral water, some national and multinational companies are competing to invest in water bottling.
The sand of Egypt is rich as its water; scientific research proved that the sand in Egypt contains amounts of some radioactive materials suitable enough in the treatment of some diseases. The method of burying diseased parts of the body in the hot sand for precious periods bring up valuable results in some diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid and other incurable diseases.
Safaga is the best place in the world for the treatment and therapy of psoriasis; it is surrounded by high mountains work as a natural fence against wind and sand storms. The climate is moderate and the concentration of the sun rays and the Ultraviolet rays help in the treatment and therapy of psoriasis.
The sea water has a high proportion of salt ness about 35 % in similar places, so the person who swims in the area will find himself floating easily on water surface. The gravity is low which helps in treating some diseases such as the vascular deficiency and a high flow of the blood to the limbs.
The high proportion in the salt ness of sea water has a great effect in treating psoriasis and the high density of ultraviolet rays in the area help in curing different skin diseases.
Black Sand
Scientific research results proved that the sand in Safaga has three radioactive minerals they are Uranium. Thorium and Potassium with the percentage of 40 % which is safe enough in the treatment of psoriasis, joint pains, joint Oedema and skin inflammation. The humidity is low and the ultraviolet rays help in curing different diseases.

Why Safaga?
The dry, moderate climate and the sun shinning all the year round make Safaga the best the best place in the world for the complete therapy of some incurable diseases. Patients with history of heart, kidney and liver diseases are advised never to go places which are under the sea level for fear of harmful effects on their health.Safaga has the least amount of “Bromum” that causes skin inflammation.
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Medical travel / Hospitals
4 Days / 3 Nights Price From: 400 U$D
Hospitals in Egypt
Egypt is an ideal host country choice as it often offers the medical treatment at a lesser cost than most and has something of interest for everyone – favorable climate, fascinating history, impressive landscapes (including beaches, deserts, lakes and mountains) and friendly people.
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