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General infos & Conditions
What to do to get your visa while you are watching TV?

Just relax, think about your trip or holidays and let us get your visa

A short Email with your destination, your departure date, your nationality and the number of passengers will be enough to get your entry visa without making any effort.


1- Each Embassy has its own regulations to grant Foreigners, Entry Visa
2- Our rates are subject to be changed according to Embassy regulations
3- Visa are always subject to embassies regulations
4- Our visa services are free when you buy an outbound tours
5- Festival travel is not responsible for any Visa denial
6- Entry visa fees are not included in Festival travel rates
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Visa Application
The Schengen visa is a short-stay visa allows the holder to stay for a limited period in the Schengen area.

It is issued as part of a family visit, private or business reason.

A Schengen visa allows travel throughout the Schengen area. The Schengen Area comprises at December 12, 2008, following 25 states: France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

The Schengen visa allows you to access to the territories of these twenty-five states. It is granted for stays of up to 90 days per semester.

List of the required documents
Here is the list of required documents according to your situation.
Visa type Short stay
Travel purpose Family, private, friend or tourist visit
Date of birth 1965-10-04
Nationality Egypt
Occupation Employed
1. Short stay visa application form signed by applicant (original)
2. Complementary questionnaire for a visa application

3. Passport (original)
(A full national private passport or official travel document valid for at least 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa, with two blank visa pages with the mention “visa” to affixed to the visa sticker)
3. Passport (copy)
(Copy of the first 2 pages of the passport containing identity information and issuing authority remarks plus all pages that contain visas or stamps)
4. Color identity photos 2 inches with white background
5. Identity card original
5. Identity card copy
6. Insurance (original)
1. The travel insurance should be:
• Valid for Schengen Area if you apply for short stay visa
• Valid for France if it is required in the document list and you apply for long stay visa
• Valid for DROM or CTOM according to your itinerary
2. The insurance must cover medical fees and repatriation costs up to 30,000 Euro
3. The insurance coverage should cover the whole period of your stay
6. Insurance (copy)
6. Insurance (translation)
in French or in English
7. Working certificate indicating name and brief job details (original)
7. Working certificate (copy)
7. Working certificate (translation)
(in French or in English)
8. Marriage certificate
8. Marriage certificate (copy)
9. Invitation letter copy
Not requested for a short stay application for tourist visit
(Invitation letter from the inviting company or the host in France specifying: duration of the envisaged stay, the goal of the stay, the financial support as well as the detailed program. The letter should be hand-signed by host party.)
10. Host financial guarantees (copy)
(Payslip, tax sheet, bank statement, etc. Mandatory only if the host person provide financial support)
11. Host relative passport (copy)
For friend visit, mandatory if the host person is foreigner resident in France, but no need if host is French. For family visit, it is mandatory for both, whether the host person is French or foreigner.
12. Host accommodation proof (copy)
• If an accommodation is rented: lease
• If a free accommodation is provided: attestation of host on a blank piece of paper and copy of his French ID card or passport and resident's permit
•copy of property ownership certificate OR estate tax
• For an accommodation in university hall: certificate of the C.R.O.U.S.
• Other cases: explanatory letter
13. Detailed current account information
(For underage or unemployed applicant, please provide the bank statement of the parents or spouse)
13. Detailed current account information (copy)
14. Bank book
14. Bank book (copy)
15. Lodging attestation issued by the local town hall of host person's residence covering the whole period of the stay (original)
OR copy of the Hotel booking for the whole stay in France OR property ownership certificate OR estate tax OR leasing contract in France
15. Lodging attestation (copy)
16. Itinerary covering the whole stay in France and Schengen space, stating the dates and place of stay
(only for tourism)
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Germany :
Time for passport receipt: 15 Days

1- (2) Photos with white background (3 1/2 x 4 1/2)
2- Work Letter
3- Air Ticket + Hotel Booking
15 Days 4- Bank statement
5- Health Insurance
6- Interview in case of applying for the first
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Time for passport receipt: 21 Working Days

1- (2) Photos w/white background
2- Work Letter
3- Social & Medical Insurance
4- Bank Statement
21 Working Days 5- Air Ticket + Hotel Booking
6- Invitation Letter to be faxed direct to Emb.
Clients has to apply in person for interview
For Apntmnt. Call 09000678 or from
Click Mobile phones call 2101
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1- Photo (5 x 5 cm) W/White Background
2- Bank Statement
3- Visa Paid at CIB
4- Personal Interview
5- Work Letter
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Time for passport receipt: 15 Days

1- (2) Photos w/white background
2- Work Letter mention the post ,salary and employment date.
3- Air Ticket + Hotel Booking
4- Medical Insurance
15 working days 5- Invitation fax to be sent directly to Emb.
if or business purpose
6- original Bank statement for last 6 months
7- Interview incase of applying for the first time
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Saoudi Arabia
Time for passport receipt: 4 Days


1- (2) Photos w/white background
2- Work Letter
4 days 3- Original Invitation
4- Delegation to Rep
5- Personal Interview
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Time for passport receipt: 10 Days


1- (2) Photos w/white background
10 days 2- Air Ticket
3- Copy of Passport
4- Work Letter
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Time for passport receipt: 10 - 15 Days


1- Work Letter
2- (2) Photos (with white background)
10 - 15 days 3- 2 Completed Application
4- Invitation letter to be faxed direct to Embassy
5- Copy of all documents
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Time for passport receipt: 7 Days


1- (3) Photos w/white background
2- Work Letter
1 week 3- Invitation letter to be faxed direct to Embassy
4- Air Ticket + Hotel Booking
5- Passport Copy
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Time for passport receipt: 2 Days


1- Copy of Passport
2 Days 2- 2 Photos w/white background
3- Work Letter
4-Completed Application Form
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